My Roland TR909 clone using the Trevor Page 9090 boards and MB909 sequencer with MidiBox core

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Introduction to the 909 clone project

hey all,

This is an updated version of the MB9090 blog, on how to build a TR 909 clone. In a first stage I have built the 9090, now I am finalizing a TR 909 like sequencer, the MB909, using the MidiBox core with the SeqV4 firmware as a base. When the beta version is approved by a test group, I'll than organize a bulkorder for the final version of the complete 909 clone drummachine.
Please be aware that I am not an electronics expert at all, so all the pictures and explanation that you find here is just to show you how this project is going.

In the download section you can find some very handy documents, pics, manuals about the Roland tr 909 and the Trevor 9090. Take a look at them before you start.

MB9090 frontpanel of my TR909 clone