Roland TR 909 sequencer clone

October 2015

July 2014

the new MB909 beta mkIII boards have arrived.

MB909 beta sequencer mkIII 

a few screen shots, click on the pictures to enlarge.

TR 909 sequencer clone


24th of April 2012

frontpanel prototype testing

MB9090 frontpanel - TR909 clone

08th of April 2012

I have sent all the packages for the 9090 kits, and already had time to update the design of the MB909 sequencer boards for professional manufacturing. I will be ready with this in a few days.
As I have already said to a few people, I'll only order 5 boards (if there are people interested) of the MB909 sequencer, because I would like to have them being tested by this testgroup on hardware and software level to see if the sequencer is working as people want.
Once the testgroup is happy, I'll then organize a big bulkorder for the MB909 sequencer.

The betaversion for the testgroup will be sold as a kit (PCB, components) and a frontpanel for the once that would like a frontpanel. I do not have an exact price yet, as I am also finishing the design for the frontpanel.

The list for signing up for the beta version is on:

If there are enough people (at least 5) interested I would prefer people that :
already have a 9090 and/or TR909
will be able to upload an update of the firmware to the mainboard (this is easy with Tk's MIOS terminal)
would like to test the software and hardware and give me tips to improve the design (again soft and hard)

So if you put your (nick)name on the list, I'dd like to ask you to send me an email if you have a 9090 or TR909, etc.


24th of February 2012

14th of February 2012

MB909 SeqV4 MidiBox TR909 clone sequencer

19th of January 2012

I am currently on a vacation. I will start working on the sequencer again in February.

19th of November 2011


I have my new laserprinter and made a few 9090 main out boards, they are looking good, but I'll try to find a better type of paper that'll make the finished boards perfect. I have also redesigned the sequencer board(s) because there were a few layout errors on them.


3d preview



Midibox Sequencer

Thanks for the help at