General info about the 9090 components kit

People interested can join the groupbuy by filling in the form on the tab: "join 9090 groupbuy".
Since I have not yet finished testing the sequencer, the kits are without sequencer, without mains transformer and without frontpanel.
I have tried to have the highest amount of quality possible for this price. The IC sockets are of a really good quality, all the resistors are 1% tolerance, original 2,5% polystyrene capacitors are used, most other caps have tolerances of 5% and 10%, even the electrolytic caps are high temp, high quality, etc, etc...

The content of the 9090 components kit is:
187 X capacitors
548 X resistors
65 X IC's
94 X transistors
105 X diodes
12 X 1/4" jack sockets
69 X IC sockets
1 X power switch
1X power socket
36 X connectors male
36 X connectors female
1 X flatcable
1 X heat shrink tubing
3 X heat sinks
2 X fuses with socket
1 X crystal
200 X crimp terminals for the connectors
3 X 5DIN connectors
1 X trim potentiometer
1 X main out board
all the potmeters needed for the build.

The rare parts of the 9090 components kit include:
34 X M5218AP DIP-8
2 X TL 074
1 X LM 2901 
6 X 40174 
2 X 4520 
2 X 4051 
30 X SA 1115 
57 X SC 2603 
2 X SC 2878
1 X CA 3080
3 X 4040
2 X TL074
3 X CD4011UB
3 X CD4013BE
1 X 4070B
4 X 4069UB

All the electronic and mechanical components for the 9090 boards including the rare parts, output connectors, flatcable, MIDI connectors, shrink tube, IC sockets, heatsinks, etc, etc. 260,00 Euro
the 9090 boards with PIC and PROM’s and main out board 65,00 Euro
Shipment cost Europe 17,95/32,95 Euro
Shipment cost rest of the world 32,95/49,00 Euro
Total for 9090 kit Europe 342,95 Euro
Total for 9090 kit rest of the world 357,95 Euro
Overlay frontpanel for rackmounted 9090 + 39,50 Euro

Shipment is a lot cheaper if you only need the 9090 main out board or the frontpanel.

9090 main out board. 6,00 Euro
shipment 6,00 Euro
Total for 9090 main out board 12,00 Euro

Shipment is also cheaper if you only need the frontpanel.

9090 rack aluminum frontpanel. 39,50 Euro
shipment Europe: 17,95 Euro, rest of the world: 19,95 Euro
Total for 9090 aluminum rack frontpanel 57,45 Euro / 59,45 Euro

Order form. kits are available now!

260.00 Euro
65.00 Euro
6.00 Euro
39.50 Euro
29.50 Euro

I still have kits ready to be shipped, please use the form on the "Join 9090 Groupbuy" tab of this page to get on the list.



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